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It’s fun to chant “Bloody Mary” into your car’s side mirror three times and watch her jog and try to keep up.

Being a dick even to demons

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eating something and then realizing its expired


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the only thing that i can turn on is my laptop

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I honestly don’t care if a girl doesn’t shave her legs.. I mean I’m a guy and most of the time I’m way too lazy to shave my face, I can’t imagine having to shave my legs, you ladies are impressive

These are the types of guys we need

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20 minutes until my exam lms if i should get an A

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Q: are you really that dumb do you not realise that Augustus character is pretentious and a douchebag which he thinks of as being strong and untouchable to make up for his physical weaknesses? and do you not realise that he uses her full name to piss her off at first but then they both grow to like him saying it like that and they get used to it eventually. omg


i can’t stop laughing why would i realise that from a 60 second clip please relax

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walking out of an exam you knew you failed


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